🔒 The Animals Sick from the Plague

An evil that spread terror, An evil that the Heavens in their fury Invented to punish the crimes of the earth, The Plague (we must call it by its name), Able to replenish in one day the river Acheron, Made war against animals. They didn’t all die, but all were struck: You didn’t see any of them busy Looking for some support of a dying life; No food aroused their desire; Neither Wolves nor Foxes watched for Their sweet and innocent prey. The Turtledoves fled away from one another: No more love, therefore no more joy. The Lion called for advice, and said: “My dear friends, I believe that the Heavens allowed This misfortune for our sins; That the guiltiest among us must Sacrifice themselves to the blows of heavenly wrath, Perhaps it will achieve a collective healing. History teaches us that in such crises We make similar sacrifices: So

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