Volume 4- Number 1
Autumn 2023

Statehood and the Jews

Confessions of a New York Writer

Russian Culture and the Ukraine War

The Supreme Court Wars

Controlled Chaos in Kenya

Bresson’s Revolution


Volume 3 - Number 4
Summer 2023

Katherine C. Epstein
Scholarship and the Future of Society

Mario Vargas Llosa
A Forgotten Giant

Cass R. Sunstein
A Constitutional Manifesto

Mark Edmundson
The Trouble with Good People

James Wolcott
Billionaires on Parada

Elliot Ackerman
The American Strategic Imagination

New poems by Leslie Williams and Misak Medzarents

and more

Volume 3 - Number 3
Spring 2023

Andrew Delbanco
On Reparations

James Kirchick
From Queer to Gay to Queer

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò
The African Case for Enlightenment

Melvyn P. Leffler
Iraq After Twenty Years

Tamar Jacoby
The Battle of Irpin

Michael Walzer
The Left and The Nation State

With poems by Ishion Hutchinson and Declan Ryan

and more

Volume 3 - Number 2
Winter 2023

Michael Ignatieff
The Mind’s Emancipation

Mary Gaitskill
The Trials of the Young

Sirgei Lebedev
Putin’s Philosopher: A memoir

Michael Walzer
On Moral Concern

Justin E. H. Smith
The Happiness Industrial Complex

Andrew Scull
The Fashions in Trauma

New Poems by Karen Solie, Adam Zagajewski, and John Hodgen

and more

Volume 3 - Number 1
Autumn 2022

Cass R. Sunstein
The Supreme Court Gone Wrong

Carissa Veliz
Digitization is Surveillance

Ekaterina Pravilova
The Autocrat’s War

James Wolcott
The Poetry of Rock?

Richard Taruskin
What is Bad Taste

Jonathan Zimmerman
Memoirs of a White Savior

New Poems by Claire Malroux; Marissa Grunesk; Paula Bohince

and more

Volume 2 - Number 4
Summer 2022
Liberties - Volume 2 Issue 4 Cover

Oksana Forostyna
Diary from Lviv

Robert Kagan
All Wars are Wars of Choice

Justin E. H. Smith
The Gamification of Reality

James Wolcott
The Poetry of Rock?

Pascal Bruckner
The Oblomovization of the West

William Deresiewicz
Schools for Souls

Poems by Daryna Gladun, Lesyk Panasiuk, Devin
, Uri Tzvi Greenberg

and more

Volume 2 — Number 3
Spring 2022
Liberties - Volume 2 Issue 3 Cover

Laura Kipnis
Genders Without Fear

Dorian Abbot
Science to Politics: Drop Dead

Bernard Henri-Lévy
What is Reading?

Bruce D. Jones
Taiwan, China, America

David Greenberg
The War on Objectivity

Helen Vendler
Art vs. Stereotypes

New poems by Durs Grünbein, Nathaniel Mackey, and Haris Vlavianos

and more

Volume 2 — Number 2
Winter 2022
Liberties - Volume 2 Issue 2 Cover

Martha C. Nussbaum
On Not Hating the Body

David Nirenberg and Ricardo Nirenberg
What Numbers Can’t Capture

Maria Stepanova
Living Out of Time

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
India’s Voltaire

Michael Kimmage
The Rise of Decline

New Poems by Colin Channer, Andrew Motion and Aaron Fagan.

and more

Volume 2 — Number 1
Autumn 2021
Liberties - Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover

Mamtimin Ala
What the Uyghurs Know

Mario Vargas Llosa
The Winds

Jaroslaw Anders
What is Belarus?

Cass Sunstein
Liberalism Inebriated

Richard Thompson Ford
What does Slavery Explain?

Drawings by Leonard Cohen

Poems by Ange Mlinko and Shaul Tchernikhosvky

and more

Volume 1 — Number 4
Summer 2021
Liberties - Volume 1 Issue 4 Cover

Elliot Ackermane
Veterans Are Not Victims

Durs Grünbein
Fascism and The Writer

R.B. Kitaj
Three Tales

Celeste Marcus 
A Native American Tragedy

Thomas Chatterton Williams
The Blessings of Assimilation

New poems by
Adam Zagajewski, A.E. Stallings and Peg  Boyers

and more

Volume 1 — Number 3
Spring 2021
Liberties - Volume 1 Issue 3 Cover

Gilles Kepel
The Murder of Samuel Paty

Ingrid Rowland
Long Live the Classics!

Vladimir Kara-Murza
Putin’s Poisons

Becca Rothfeld
Sanctimony Literature

Enrique Krauze
What is Latin America?

Poems by
Henri Cole, Paul Muldoon, Chaim Nachman Bialik

and more

Volume 1 — Number 2
Winter 2021
Liberties - Volume 1 Issue 2 Cover

Anthony Julius
Art’s Troubles

Nicholas Lemann
Rescuing Capitalism

Paul Berman
The George Floyd Uprising

Roberto Calasso
When Journals Mattered

Jack Goldsmith
Conservatives & Courts

New poems by
Jorie Graham, Ishion Hutchinson & Rossana Warren

and more

Volume 1 — Number 1
Autumn 2020
Liberties - Volume 1 Issue 1 Cover

Michael Ignatieff
Does Liberalism have an Environmental Responsibility Problem?

Laura Kipinis
How to Be Transgressive in our Era of Disruption

Mark Lilla
American Democracy’s Needs & Anxieties

Thomas Chatterton Williams
Why We Need James Baldwin Now

New poems by
James Bennet, Louise Glück, & Hannah Sullivan
and more

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