🔒 The Rat and the Oyster

A Rat living in a field, a Rat with a small brain, has one day had enough of the paternal Gods. He abandons the field, the grain, and the stubble, Quits his burrow to roam the countryside. As soon as he is outside of his home: “How vast and wide is the world!” he says. Here are the Apennines, and here the Caucasus.” The least molehill was a mountain in his view. After a few days, the traveler arrives In a certain district where Tethys had left Many Oysters on a shore; and our Rat, at first Thought he saw, in seeing them, tall ships. “My father was indeed a poor fellow,” he says, “He didn’t dare travel, being extremely fearful. For myself, I’ve already seen the maritime empire; I’ve crossed deserts, but we didn’t drink.” From a certain pedant, the Rat took these details And blathered about them, Not

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