🔒 The Doctrine of Hate

Julius Margolin was born in 1900 in Pinsk. After studying philosophy in Germany in the 1920s he moved to Poland with his family, where he became active in Revisionist Zionism  and published a Yiddish book on poetry. From there he and his family moved to Palestine. For economic reasons, Margolin returned to Poland in 1936, where he was trapped by the Nazi invasion, and was eventually imprisoned in Soviet labor camps. In July, 1945 he was released and made his way back to Tel Aviv, where he wrote a pioneering memoir of the Gulag and died in 1971. The full text of Journey into the Land of the Zeks and Back was not published in his lifetime. After my release from Maxik’s hospital, having had an opportunity to rest, and armed with certification as an invalid, I returned to the camp regime. In Kruglitsa, a certified invalid with a higher

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