Andrew Delbanco is the Alexander Hamilton Professor of American Studies at Columbia University and the president of the Teagle Foundation. A version of this essay was delivered as the Jefferson Lecture in Washington, DC last fall.

James Kirchick is the author of Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington.

Michael Walzer is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and the author most recently of The Struggle for a Decent Politics: On “Liberal” as an Adjective.

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò is Professor of African Political Thought at Cornell University and the author, among other books, of Against Decolonisation: Taking African Agency Seriously.

Declan Ryan’s collection of poems Crisis Actor will be published this summer.

Tamar Jacoby is the director of the New Ukraine Project at the Progressive Policy Institute and the author of Displaced: The Ukrainian Refugee Experience.

Alfred Brendel, the pianist, is the author most recently of The Lady from Arezzo: My Musical Life and Other Matters.

Melvyn P. Leffler is the Edward Stettinius Emeritus Professor of American History at the University of Virginia and the author of Confronting Saddam Hussein: George W. Bush and the Invasion of Iraq.

Alastair Macaulay is a critic and historian of the performing arts who was the chief dance critic of the New York Times and the chief theater critic of The Financial Times.

Ishion Hutchinson’s next book, School of Instructions, will appear in the fall.

Jennie Lightweis-Goff is a professor of English at the University of Mississippi and is the author of Captive Cities: Urban Slavery in Four Movements.

Mark Lilla’s book Ignorance and Bliss: On Wanting Not to Know will be published next year.

Mitchell Abidor is a writer and translator. His translation of Claude Anet’s Ariane, A Russian Girl will be published by NYRB Classics later this year.

John Psaropoulos is an independent journalist based in Athens who ran the Athens News, Greece’s English-language newspaper, from 1999 to 2009.

Celeste Marcus is the managing editor of Liberties. She is writing a biography of Chaim Soutine.

Leon Wieseltier is the editor of Liberties.