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1 Any one of these masked avengers might be moonlighting as another Captain Rock, might set out not only to censure but incinerate a rich farmer dreading his knock at midnight, a cowpuncher, a calf-drencher, a dweeb journalist, a helmetless jock courting death by misadventure, a negotiator trying to break the deadlock between boss and union, a prominent backbencher imagining he’s standing for re-election when he’s making a speech from the dock, a career civil servant both inured and indentured to a twice daily intravenous injection of horse piss and poppycock. 2 Any one of them might be an insurance underwriter taking the tube from Maida Vale, an architect pulling an all-nighter while she works to scale, a private investigator flicking a cigarette lighter and putting another nail in his coffin, a developer of an antibody titer, a Muddy Waters failing to curtail a Lightnin’ Hopkins, a bishop adjusting his

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