🔒 The Bee Tree

American linden also American lime of the family Basswood (tiliaceae un- pronounceable virtually for this layman) but mine opposite keeps that quiet and presents facts as they appear – being a handsome street-shade tree with elephant bark in hard scaly ridges and russet twigs wandering into green until, when flowering, it fills with bees giving a murmurous but once heard un- ignorable oozing Spring song to show the tree knew what its name was all along. * This morning everything I need to know the tree can tell me. Its stillness is perfect stillness. Its movement when wind blows is the dance of a soul before God. Think what a story I would miss if ever I looked away. The text of beauty. A late chance gone of boring a hole in my own skull and seeing what I imagine next. * Delicate still in its breezy morning the tree

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