CYNTHIA OZICK is the author most recently of Antiquities and Other Stories.
LINDA KINSTLER is the author of Come to This Court and Cry: How The Holocaust Ends. She was recently elected to the Society of Fellows at Harvard University.
MICHAEL IGNATIEFF is, the author, among many books, of On Consolation: Finding Solace in Dark Times.
TIMOTHY NOAH writes a column for The New Republic and is the author of The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Criss and What We Can Do About It.
SOHRAB AHMARI is a founding editor of Compact and the author most recently of Tyranny, Inc: How Private Power Crushed American Liberty — and What to do About It.
CAMILLE RALPHS is the poetry editor of the Times Literary Supplement.
YAROSLAV HRYTSAK is a professor of history at Ukrainian Catholic University and the author of Ukraine: The Forging of a Nation.
DAVID RIEFF ’s Desire and Fate, a collection of his essays, will appear this year.
LEN GUTKIN is an editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education.
ELLIOT ACKERMAN is the author of Halcyon, a novel, and 2054, written with Admiral James Stavridis, which will be published this year.
ALFRED BRENDEL, the pianist, is the author most recently of The Lady from Arezzo: My Musical Life and Other Matters.
ARASH AZIZI’s book What Iranians Want: Women, Life, Freedom has recently appeared.
MICHAEL KIMMAGE’s new book, Collision: The Origins of the War in Ukraine and The New Global Instability, has just been published.
ALICE GRIBBIN is completing her first book of poems.
HELEN VENDLER is the A. Kingsley Porter University Professor Emerita at Harvard University.
CELESTE MARCUS is the managing editor of Liberties.
LEON WIESELTIER is the editor of Liberties.