PAUL BERMAN is the author of numerous books, including Terror and Liberalism and The Flight of the Intellectuals.

SERGEY LEBEDEV is a Russian novelist and the author of Oblivion and Untraceable. This essay was translated by Antonina W. Bouis.

ASSAF SHARON is a professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University and a senior fellow at Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy.

ROSANNA WARREN is an American poet and the author most recently of Max Jacob: A Life in Art and Letters.

EKATERINA PRAVILOVA is a professor of history at Princeton, and the author of A Public Empire: Property and the Quest for the Common Good in Imperial Russia.

MOSAAB ABU TOHA is a Palestinian poet and the author of Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear: Poems from Gaza. His new book, Forest of Noise: Poems, will appear in the fall.

CARLOS FRAENKEL is the James McGill Professor of Philosophy and Religion at McGill University.

JUSTIN SMITH-RUIU is a professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Paris, and the author among other books of The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, A Philosophy, A Warning.

KIT WILSON is a writer and musician based in London.

BENJAMIN BALINT is the author most recently of Bruno Schulz: An Artist, A Murder, and The Hijacking of History. The writing of this essay was supported by a grant from The Robert B. Silvers Foundation.

MITCHELL ABIDOR is a historian, writer, and translator. Among his translated works is an anthology of Victor Serge’s anarchist writings, Anarchists Never Surrender.

MATTHEW ZIPF is a writer currently at work on a biography of Renata Adler.

ADRIAN NATHAN WEST is a writer and literary translator living in Spain. His first novel, My Father’s Diet, was published in 2022.

DANIEL HALPERN is a poet, critic, and editor, and the founder of Ecco Press.

DAVID THOMSON is the author of many books on film and culture, most recently Remotely: Travels in the Binge of TV.

CELESTE MARCUS is the managing editor of Liberties.

LEON WIESELTIER is the editor of Liberties.