A Gift from Heaven

What makes you think I can live in a room from which you have removed – admittedly with considerable tact – one of the four walls? I agree, the view has really improved (not that you can see the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio in the distance) but is the (let’s call it) “radical renovation” sufficient for us to return, in better spirits, to the first act of the play? And the four-syllable word on the wine label and the meat in plum sauce and the candles that (supposedly) repel mosquitos, what exactly do they mean? And the young waiter with the thick accent, out of which Russian novel did he leap? And the fact that Adorno, as you tell me knowingly, dined in Los Angeles with Greta Garbo in 1944 and his dog Ali Baba (what a name!) pissed on her book, how does that alter the facts? Can

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